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the jones family


The Vineyard Restaurant opened in 1988, to serve the diverse residents of Lemoore and Kings County. The trademark of the comfortable dining room was an expansive mural painted by Stratford resident, Chris Hooper, who captured in vivid color and artistry the diversity and rich heritage of Lemoore.  


His mural pays homage to the people and culture that make the area the special place it is. He artistically captured not only the landmarks but the unique vehicles of the people of Lemoore, contrasting the fast as sound Hornet fighters of the men and women of Lemoore Naval Air Station, with the slow moving tractors of the crop and dairy farmers who till the soil in their mission to feed and clothe the world.

Meanwhile, in another part of Kings County, Bruce and Lucy Jones were pursuing their own missions. Both began work in food service in their late teens. Bruce was the first to more deeply commit to the industry; opening his own restaurant, Olive Tree Pizza in 1980 and adding a second Olive Tree two years later. Lucy joined the team and proved her herself quickly, advancing to management of one of the stores.  


In 1986 Bruce sold the restaurants, but kept Lucy!  They married in 1989 and began their family together.  A few years later they pooled their experience and energy to purchase The Vineyard Restaurant.  Bruce cooked, Lucy served guests, and little Stephannie and Joseph, less than 5 years old at the time, charmed guests by serving as host and hostess of the day. 


The Jones' brought not only their expertise but new recipes and concepts to the little restaurant located between a couple of motels just off the 198. They introduced some wonderful flavors, among them Bruce's award winning spaghetti sauce and famous homemade bleu cheese dressing. Lucy also brought a spectacular family salsa recipe to the mix. Their next goal was to make the menu more upscale so they introduced two of their current customer's favorite foods; Eggs Benedict and Lobster Tail as well as other dinner and dessert favorites. 


As The Vineyard increased in popularity,and their entire family firmly committed to serving the travelers and residents of Kings County, Bruce and Lucy purchased the vineyard building and responded to customers requests by adding a full bar and wine service. Visitors could now enjoy the likes of delicious mimosas and Bloody Marys with their brunch, their popular Long Island Iced Tea with the girls after work, and trendy California wines with their seafood dinner.

Sadly, Bruce was taken from this earth to join his heavenly father in April of 2012, and since then Lucy, and Joe have taken over management of his legacy.




The Jones family takes pride in their food, service and commitment to respond to the changing needs and desires of their dynamic customer base. They will continue to evolve to keep pace with the newest in restaurant techniques, while still providing old fashioned service for the residents and travelers of Lemoore.


They welcome you to their restaurant and thank you in advance for your patronage.

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